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Cancer sucks! You know it, I know it, we all know it! Not only do we all know it, but we have all been deeply impacted by cancer in some way; whether having to defeat cancer ourselves, or by supporting loved ones who are fighting this brutal disease. For me personally, I've watched my grandma, Janice Rosier, defeat colon and breast cancer, my father, Kirby Rosier, conquer prostate cancer and, most recently, my cousin, Riley Holstine, begin his fight against leukemia.

It was Riley's diagnosis that inspired the idea for this book. Riley is a strong kid who loves to workout, plays football at Peru State College and, naturally, wants to be a strength and conditioning coach. In May 2019, he started his strength and conditioning journey as an intern at Northwest Missouri State University under Director of Strength and Conditioning, Joe Quinlin - exactly how I got my start in the profession. Throughout the month of June, Riley struggled with his health resulting in multiple visits to the emergency room. Eventually he landed in Omaha, NE with complications involving blood clots in his legs and abdomen. After several days of unsuccessful treatments for blood clots, doctors ran additional testing that resulted in his leukemia diagnosis.

He does not deserve it. No one ever does. No one can fight Riley's battle for him but we absolutely can support. By purchasing this resource, you can directly help Riley and others in their battle against cancer. 100% of the proceeds will be donated toward Riley's medical expenses as well as the Sean D. Biggs Memorial Foundation.

In "CRUSH CANCER" you will find a compilation of workouts, submitted from the top strength and conditioning professionals in the country. Each coach has dedicated his/her workout to someone they know who has battled cancer. These workouts are tough but pale in comparison to the battle Riley and so many others face. Be grateful for the opportunity to train and keep fighting. If there are any words of inspiration I can give to those fighting cancer, it's this - KEEP FIGHTING!

Gage Rosier

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach - William Jewell College




A compilation of "Cancer Crushing" workouts from the top strength and conditioning professionals in the country!

67 Workouts

Strength, fitness, and conditioning workouts for all experience levels!

Each workout dedicated to an individual who has battled cancer

63 Coaches 

Strength and conditioning professionals (college, high school, professional) from 26 states across the country!

3 Week Bonus Program

Submitted via Coach Brett Bartholomew - Performance Coach, Best Selling Author and Keynote Speaker

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100% of Proceeds Donated to Two Great Causes!

Riley Holstine Medical Expenses

Riley Holstine was diagnosed with leukemia in July 2019. At the time of the release of this book he has begun his second round of chemotherapy treatments. He is strong and tough as nails. He continues to fight with the support of his family and friends.

Sean D. Biggs Memorial Foundation

The Sean D. Biggs Memorial Foundation raises awareness of the causes and prevention of cancer; assists those affected by cancer; and supports cancer research. Consistent with the vision of Sean Biggs, we also fund collegiate scholarships for study abroad and in the fields of alternative energy and energy efficiency. For more information visit seandbiggsmemorialfoundation.com